Storytelling - getting deeper

I'm trying something new. For the next few weeks I'm going to be posting an image I've taken - some recent, some years old - along with some commentary and self-critique. At some level it's part of a self-guided course I'm taking, but at another it's a way for me to be more open about my process, my approach, and hopefully getting something closer to an articulation of my vision.

Unlike past posts I'm opening these up to comments and hope you'll join me in the conversation.

Copy of 20161022-EvanAmyWedding-DSCF8496.JPG

When I saw the fireplace and the soft indirect light I knew I had to do something, but taking a photo of the fireplace itself was just boring. The guiding lines of the old stone toward the fireplace hinted at a fun way of directing the scene and more importantly, my fun loving wife dancing in front of it offered an even better option.

I took my first few shots from various 'standard' perspectives - shoulder, a little above, a little below. But when I looked back at what I had taken I noticed how dramatic her shoes popped out against the background. I loved the forms, the shapes. It speaks of decades of dance training. It speaks of her playfulness.

And so I tried a new perspective. Getting down low, I focused on just her shoes and the fireplace, sending it out of focus but still with enough clarity to leave no doubt about what it was. I got an extra bonus because it looked like it may have been on its way out. A hint of the end of the party.

But it's far from perfect. I cut off her raised ankle on the left foot and the lines lead away from the rest of the frame. It's confusing and requires the viewer to have the energy to draw themselves back in. Then there's the choice in aperture. Did I need to get so radical with the fast approach or could i have stopped it down and gotten a little more of her right foot in view?

It's still a favorite of mine and continues to connect with me but the process of going through this self-critique will hopefully pay off down the road.